To create or edit templates please go to the Templates page. Here you can use your processed images and easily add backgrounds, save your own templates and reuse them for your product’s images, social media feed, or other use cases. These are great especially for Depop or Poshmark and the like.

There are 5 tabs in the templates area, the first is My gallery where you will find your own images. Here you have all images, both processed and the original uploads. Then there is the templates tab where you will find pre-made templates by our team and also your own if you created any.

In the third tab you have Images, where you can browse and search through millions of images, powered by Pexels.com. Clicking an image will automatically load it in the Photo Editor Canvas.

The fourth tab is Backgrounds, you can use these in all your images to create astounding new creating. All the backgrounds here are powered by Pexels.com as well.

The 5th tab is Text, where we’ve created a list of text templates you can easily edit for your own needs.

On right you have our Photo Editor that allows you to create new images and save your work either as a new template or download the image on your computer. Saved templates also saved in your Media Gallery.

We’ve made a short introductory video that you can view below.


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