Image Compression, Resize and Conversion

Lossless Image Compression #

Depending on your needs sometimes the images might be too large to be uploaded either on your store for Shopify or WooCommerce or maybe Depop or eBay.

To help you with that after processing you can download directly from DropSpace a compressed and optimized image.

We offer lossless compression that keeps all image details while having a smaller file. An image that might 5 MB when compressed might get down to 2MB easily.

Resize #

At the same time, you can reduce the resolution of your image with our simple-to-use slider. For example, an image that’s 2000px wide can be resized at 1000px wide,  to do that you will move the bar to 50%.

Image Conversion and formats #

You can also choose your image format PNG, JPG, WEBP.

  • With PNG you will download an image with transparent background.
  • With JPG you will download an image with pure white background.
  • With WEBP you will download an image with transparent background.

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