Image Auto Enhance

What is it and what it does #

Using AI image processing we analyze a photo based on its content and conditions and apply different settings for auto-correction.

We want your photos to reflect reality so that our enhancement improves your images just right.

When and how to use it?

You can use this feature before and after you remove the background of an image. For images with poor backgrounds it might be helpful to do it before as it helps our background removal AI to distinguish the background better.

If you already applied auto correction/auto enhancement to your photos in a different software before adding it to DropSpace don’t use this feature as it may alter the image more than it needs to.

After removing the background of an image download the image before using the Auto Enhance feature to have a better understanding of a before and after image.

What types of corrections it makes #


Brightness and color correction
We correct images with over and under exposures as well as color casts.


We improve the lightning of a dark image and make it more realistic.

Local corrections
Applying local corrections where needed for color, highlights, shadows and sharpening.

Skin tone recovery
If the photo was taken in a dark and poor setting it can cause the skin to be oversaturated – we adjust this so the person looks more natural.

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