How to remove image backgrounds with DropSpace

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Once your signed up and you are in the dashboard you can start remove backgrounds from your images. For best results please make sure you follow our best practices here.

Single image #

You can start by drag and drop images over the uploader or click the Browse link to open files from your computer.

Once the image has been uploaded click the remove background button to start processing the image. It may take from 3 seconds up to 60 seconds for the result to show up so please be patient. The processing time depends on the image size, quality and other factors.

After the background has been removed the old image will be replaced by the clean image with a transparent background and you can download it. Or you can edit it in our Smart Photo Editor.

Bulk processing #

To upload and process multiple images please use the Bulk Processing page. Only on this page you will be able to upload multiple images.

Add your images and click the Remove Background button to start processing.

Wait until all the images are processed, the more images you add the more it takes to go through all of them. Once the images are processed you will see the download button.

We’ve made a short video tutorial on how to remove the image background in batches.

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