How to add a white background to transparent image

So, you removed the background from an image and you want to add a white background to it. By default, all processed images with DropSpace have a transparent background and are in PNG format.

Using our Smart Download button you can convert the image into JPG and the transparent background will be transformed into pure white.

If you want to keep the PNG format follow the steps below.

1. After the image was processed and the background removed click the EDIT button.

2. Click on the background button to open its color options menu.

3.  Here select the white color and click apply. The background of the image is now white.

Or you can change it to any other color you want, like yellow.

4. Once you hit apply you will be taken to the main screen and you can download the image and use it anywhere you like.

And that is how you add a white background to a transparent image.

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