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The AI Writer uses the latest AI technology to automatically generate copy for product descriptions and digital ads. This feature is enabled only for certain plans.

To use it you need to add at least 3-4 words in order to generate quality results. The more words, the better the AI will work and generate better results.

How it works: #

  1. Chose from the dropdown the type of copy you need.
  2. Enter a short title/description (1-2 lines) of your product or service as input.
  3. Click the Generate button and a list of 6 results will display.
  4. Click the Generate button again for the same words will generate a new set of results.

Each copy generation is 1 credit. Your credits depend on the plan you are on.

At this moment the AI Writer can generate:

  • Product descriptions
  • Amazon product titles, features, and ads
  • Facebook ads
  • Google ads
  • Headlines and more…
  • Copywriting formulas: AIDA or Pain-Agitate-Solution
  • Linkedin Ads, Headlines and Descriptions

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