Remove Background from Photo on iPhone or Android With No APP

Remove Background from Photo on iPhone or Android With No APP

If you are looking to remove the background of an image without installing another app you can do that with DropSpace, and it’s free. You can do this both on iPhone or Android, the steps are the same.

You can view our video tutorial we made to edit a photo for Depop.

Step 1

On your phone browser, Safari or Chrome, go to sign up for a free account.

Step 2

Click on the upload area or the Browse link to upload or take a new photo.

Step 3

Click on the remove background button and wait for the DropSpace AI processing engine to finish, it may take a few seconds depending on the image.

Step 4

Your image is ready. Optionally you can do automatic photo enhancement or edit it in our photo editor.

If you don’t need any of this just click the download button.

Step 5

The download button has a few options, if you want your background transparent choose PNG, if you want the background white chose JPG.


Removing the background of a photo from your phone is a simple process, no app is needed and it takes just a minute to get a clean image with a transparent or white background.

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