Remove The Background From A Photo Without Photoshop

How to remove the background of an image without photoshop (1)

Removing backgrounds in Photoshop is tedious work and takes a long time. With the help of technologies like computer vision and artificial intelligence tools like DropSpace can do the work in just a few seconds.

In the video tutorial below, I am gonna show you how to remove the background of an image without Photoshop or any other software to install. Everything is done with the online app in your browser. We will create a white background for our product photos with just one click.

Removing backgrounds is essential when selling products online. Professionals use this method to make products stand out and look more professional when selling on eBay, Poshmark, Depop, Amazon, Etsy, etc.

If you have multiple photos you can process all of them with our batch background removal option.

In this tutorial we are using DropSpace, a photo background remover online app and image processing suite.

As you can see from the tutorial, using DropSpace saves you precious time and on top of that, it can help you with your product description using our AI Writer tool.

Give it a go and test it, it’s free.

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