7 Tips To Get Inventory For Your Depop or Poshmark Store + Inventory Tracking File

Tips To Get Inventory For Your Depop or Poshmark Store

Whether you’re looking to start a side hustle or earn some money on the side with Depop or PoshMark it’s easy to turn your vintage or clothes that are no longer loved into cash. Millions are using these amazing marketplaces every day and their user base is growing daily.

If you are looking to clean your closet and maybe do a little extra cash here are a few places where you will find clothes to sell.

Look for pieces they’ve never or rarely worn, in excellent condition, or as good as new. No one wants to buy stuff that is really worn out, stained, or has other defects.

Where to get inventory for Depop or Poshmark store:

Family and friends

This should be your first stop and the easiest way to get your store all loaded. Ask your friends and family members for items they no longer wear or are out of rotation.


You will pay by the kilo and there are always gems to find there.

Garage or estate sales. 

Look in your local newspaper or Craigslist for garage sales. They’re hit or miss but clothes are usually super cheap and it’s worthwhile the trip.

Thrift shops

You might need to dig deep to find something but when you find it you might strike gold. Make friends with the staff and find out when new stuff is coming and be there first.

Clearance outlet centers

Always look for outlets that sell by the kilo. Clothes here are always brand new and there will be a lot to choose from if you are looking for newer type of clothing.


Here you will pay more per item but you will get brand new clothing and usually from high profile brands.

Vintage markets

These are always a good idea for a Sunday walk and finding an amazing piece that will sell right away and increase your profile visibility.

Bonus: Inventory Tracking for Excel or Google Sheets

We’ve created an easy to use Inventory tracking Excel file you can download and use right away. Have a look at this guide to create an Google Sheets Inventory file. Fill in the details you have for your current items sold and keep track of you sales, fees and profits.

For Excel just open the .XLSX file use it right away. For Google Sheets import the file in a new Google Sheets and use it anywhere.

You can edit this file and add a photo column and insert an image in the respective spreadsheet cells of the article and see exactly what you are selling.


There are a lot of options and sourcing your inventory is more of an art than a science, a skill that you develop with time. Once you find the cool pieces make sure you present them the best you can.

For variety pick two or three sources and see what sells best. Good luck!

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