How to Change The Background of a Photo Online

How to Change The Background of a Photo (1)

If you have a photo of a dear one, a pet, or maybe even product photos but you don’t like the background you can easily change it with something else in just a minute. This can be a white background or just something you don’t want in your photo and you want it removed.

In just a few steps we are going to remove the background and add a new one that will make your photo from average to great. You don’t need any software, everything is done online with a few clicks.

Step 1

Let’s upload the image into DropSpace editor and remove the background. If you don’t have an account sign up, it’s free.

Step 2

Once the background is removed we can start editing our image and add a new background.

We go to Templates and load our image into the editor.

And click on the background section to add a new background.

Step 3

Search for the type of background you want, I search for beach and added the image I liked by clicking on to load into the editor.

The beach image is loaded now I first click on the layers button and rearrange the background and send it to back from the objects tool.

Step 4

Now I resize it to fill the entire canvas. After I arrange the background I just download the image

Final Image

Video Tutorial

Have a look at the video turial we’ve made below to see how easy is to edit change the background of any photo with our online software.

As you can see with the right tools, editing the background of a photo and changing it to whatever we want is easy.



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