How To Automate Your Reseller Business

automate reseller business

Being a reseller is hard work these days, isn’t it? You need to tackle inventory, selling, marketing, and other small business tasks. Many sellers find themselves having to carry out multiple tasks in order to keep their businesses running. However, it’s entirely possible to reduce your workload by taking advantage of multiple automation tools available to you today.

Listing automation

Creating a listing is one of the largest time investments for a seller. Many marketplaces do not have the incentive or adequate tooling to help speed up your listing process. Here are some ways that you can automate the following parts of your listing process:


Writing descriptions is a creative act that can make or break your selling potential. Try doing this multiple times for several items! It not only takes you forever but it is very easy to run out of ideas and end up with sub-par listings. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this long standing problem faced by online sellers.

You can use an A.I writer tool to create multiple description variations for you automatically.

The way this works is pretty magical, all you have to do is put in a few words and then you will be given many options as you can see in the image. This assistive tool is sure to help you save several hours.


The images on your listing are often the first thing that people see before they even bother clicking. This is why it is important to keep it as professional and appealing as possible. You can use several image automation and editing tools provided by DropSpace to speed up your workflow. Here is what you can do with it:

Batch processing: What if you could apply several edits to multiple images at once? That would probably save a lot of time. With DropSpace this is exactly one of the many things that you can do.

Background removal: As a seller, you probably aren’t a stranger to seeing products with professional looking white backgrounds. But creating them can be quite difficult without some prior experience with editing software like photoshop. With DropSpace you can remove backgrounds quickly without needing additional tools.

General Photo Editing: It’s not just background removal! You can still do many things that you’d typically find in a photo editing app such as adding text, stickers and more.

You can also store your edited images with the service and this saves you time from jumping back and forth between several apps.

List to different marketplaces at once

Now, many resellers start out using one specific platform to sell their items. However, many tend to branch out to other marketplaces in order to increase their chances of selling their listings. Listing to different marketplaces is quite time consuming but with the help of the crosslister app by SellerAider it becomes a breeze!

With a crosslisting app, you can transfer listings from one marketplace to another in just a few clicks and manage inventory as well. No more manually entering the details for each item.

Calculating your profit and fees

Calculating your profit and fees is an important but time consuming process. You can do this by using the official guides posted by each marketplace you follow. Or you can use an online calculator available for Poshmark, Depop, and many more sites. Using dedicated online fee calculators allows you to quickly figure out what your profit will be and all you have to do is enter your selling price to get a breakdown.


Growth automation

An important part of selling is finding ways to grow your sales. Here are some things that can help you automate the growth of your reselling business.

Social engagement

Many reselling apps have a social component baked in that requires you to engage as much as possible in order to make any sales. Tools by SellerAider can help safely automate some aspects of your social engagement on marketplaces.

Sharing & Refreshing items

One some marketplaces such as Depop and Poshmark, the time a listing is posted affects the rank on the search feeds. For example, a very popular Poshmark tip is to share your listings as often as possible.

The result is that many sellers use tools such as Depop bots and Poshmark bots in order to make more sales on the platform and save time. These tools speed up the ability to re-post your items and get them to the top of the search feed again in one click.

Posting to different social media

If you sell online you probably have made some social accounts, but they may not be updated with the latest things you have because you can’t find the time. Sharing your products and engaging on your social media accounts is a key way to increase sales and grow your reselling business.

Popular social platforms for online sellers include Instagram and Pinterest because they are highly visual. There are several social media management tools that support these platforms and you can use them completely free. These platforms include Buffer and Hootsuite. They can help you schedule and automatically make social posts which should make keeping your socials updated a lot less daunting.

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