How Belleconcept Grew It’s Sales With Better Images

If you are looking for an image background removal software with a simple process and helpful tools, DropSpace is the right partner to work with.

Arabebela P.  – Belleconcept Co Founder

Launched in 2019 Belleconcept is a small online store selling customized and handmade baptism gifts in the Romanian market. Their target audience is the godparents that need to offer a special, one-of-a-kind gift to their godchildren.

The space is pretty crowded but with a bit of patience and experimenting, they got to be one of the top stores selling this type of product on the market.

What’s your photo studio setup?

Well, at the begging there was no studio, we just had a camera to take photos and we were uploading them on the website. As you can imagine, the quality of the photos was not that great.  The photos were dark and they didn’t do justice to how good our products really looked in reality.

After reading online about product photography tips and tricks my husband decided we need a different setup.

After a couple of months we decided to build our own little photo studio, nothing fancy but to do the job. We got some lighting and background and bought a better camera. And now things started to improve.

What was your post-production process like before DropSpace?

Most of the work was done manually. We were using Lightroom a lot to edit the photos and it was pretty time-consuming. It would take a couple of hours just for a few products. We did start to get the hang of it and speed things up but it’s nowhere near as fast as working with DROPG now. 

At this project I work with my husband, there is so much time in a day, so every hour saved is worth it. It leaves us to do something else with the time, spend more time with our kids. We have two small boys and time is limited.

Now we take the photos, upload them to DropSpace, and when the process is done we download them to the computer. We verify everything is ok and we upload them to our website. Listing new products in our online store now is much faster.

Before After

What has been the biggest advantage of using DropSpace?

The ability to remove background and have it pure white allowed us to scale the business on other local platforms similar to Amazon and Esty.

Also, it helped with our Google shopping ads, we got better conversion rates due to pure white background images vs. images with a regular background.

And of course saving time and letting focus more on our products, make them better. All our products are customized and we spend a lot of our time doing that for the customers, to make sure everything is perfect for their special day.  The baptism is a special occasion in a children’s life and we are really happy that we are a part of the story.

Did image background removal help you sell more products? 

Yes, for sure. At first, we tried using Photoshop to remove the background from our images but it took forever. 

Again, we tried to find a better way and improve this process and we discovered that you can do background removal automatically. And searching online we stumbled upon DropSpace. 

We tested a couple of images first to see how it works and we were delighted. What took hours, now takes minutes.

Removing the background from the images helped us see an increase in our conversion rate right away, customers were delighted.

Our photos now look much better and our customers love that, they get a real feel of our products.

Before After

Do you use our Auto Enhance feature for your images?

Yes, we do. We were among the first users to use this feature and it’s that little thing that makes a big difference.

With Auto Enhance our photos get automatically the adjustments that make them look good, lighting, brightness, and all that. Now we do very little image post-processing or none.

In our niche and I think everywhere presentation is everything, and we do our best to stand out.

Before After

Would you recommend DropSpace?

Yes, definitely we recommend DropSpace to anyone that sells products online. Our post-processing workflow is now much simpler and that helps us a lot, saving us a lot time and money. 

It definitely helped us create a better online store.

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