DropBg Is Now DropSpace.co and Big APP Updates

On Monday we made a change in our branding and we changed our name from DropBg to DropSpace and our domain name from dropbg.com to dropspace.co. Why we did that?

Mostly because we do much more than image background removal and soon we will add new features to help our users create even better photos for their products. View all our online app features here.

Our mission is to help you create professional product photos at a fraction of the cost and with a lot less effort.

What else is new


50% Faster Image Processing

We’ve made some changes under the hood and now we can process and display the images faster. We are gradually increasing the quality as well, if you see changes there.

The speed is significant if you use the app on mobile as well.

20% Faster Downloads

We made some changes to how the download process takes place and now it’s faster, especially for batch processing. There should be no timeouts, we are still working on improving this.

New Servers with Increased Capacity

Some of you encountered errors with the app and getting capacity errors with the servers, that should no longer be the case. If it happens please email us.

Chat support

If you have issues with the app you can reach us quickly via chat and we will try to solve the issue as fast as possible.

Free plan

If you are using our free plan you can still use the following features:

  • Image Auto Enhacenment
  • Templates
  • Image Editor
  • Image Compression and Conversion

Learn about what DropSpace does here. It will help you edit your photos and more.

Please follow us on YoutubeFacebook, or our blog for tutorials, news, and updates.

p.s is there something you want to tell us, a feature request, or anything else that we can do to help you? please email us with your thoughts.

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