How To Create Amazing Photos For Your Depop Store Listings

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The quality of your photos is the most important thing when listing your items on Depop. Good photos increase the chance of your items being sold and you can improve your item images fairly quickly. In this article I will show you a photo processing flow for your Depop store and help you sell more items.

Depop has a short tutorial on how to take quality photos on their blog but we want to add more information to that post. Spending a couple of minutes extra editing your photos can make a big difference. If you want to do it even more professionally do have a look at our product photography workflow. Depop photo requirements are minimum, square photos and a minimum resolution of 1080×1080.

Their suggestions for the first photo is:

  • features the whole item – no borders or collages
  • close-up sare  for your remaining pics
  • no image with mannequins or plastic hangers for the first pic
  • for hoes, don’t include the shoebox in the first image

With DropSpace now you can use and create your own Depop templates.

How do I edit my photos to look amazing?

For Mobile

Watch the video if you are on mobile, either iPhone or Android.


Follow the steps below if you are on a PC or Mac.

1. Take your photo on a plain background.

I just took a photo of a plain t-shirt on the floor of my house with my iPhone. This was in front of a big window in my living room with plenty of natural light.  Take a closer shot of the design and also one with the fabric. Do iron the clothes, mine just looks bad but you get the point.


2. Upload the photos in the DropSpace online app.

Open the DropSpace online app and you can upload the images from your iPhone or Android phone directly and edit them in the browser.

Transfer the photos to a PC or Mac and work your magic there for batch processing and advanced features and better viewing angles.

How to transfer photos via cable or wireless:

iPhone to PC/Mac

Android to PC/Mac

3. Editing your photo

Now that we have the photo we want we can edit it. This is how it looks when we upload the photo, we will click the Remove Background button to start the processing.

Clicking the button starts the background removal process and when done it will display our new image. We can click the Auto Enhance button if our image has bad lightning or not the right colors. In my case there was plenty of light in the room and the colors are true to the t-shirt.

At this moment we can save the image as it is but we will edit it to add a new background. We click the “Edit In Photo Editor” button and the editor loads.
We will crop the image to fit the Depop requirements. For  Depop photos must be square, a 1:1 ratio, with a resolution of 1280 pixels by 1280 pixels.


Now we go to the background option in the Photo Editor to add a new background color.

We click apply and save and now we can download it to our computer.


4. Transfer images back to your phone 

You can use Airdrop from your Mac to your iPhone. Also you can use your Google Drive account to transfer files for both iPhone and Android devices.

I did it via as I have and Windows PC and an iPhone, it’s really simple. Go to, click on the Photos icon app and use the upload button and it will transfer directly in your phone.

5. Add your amazing photo to Depop

Your image is ready, create a new product and add the images to your listing. Fill in the details and pricing and click publish, your new item is up and ready to be bought.

I hope you enjoyed this short tutorial and it will help you create some amazing photos for your Depop items.

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