How to Add A White Background To Photo Online In 3 Steps

How To Add A White Background To Photo

Adding a white background to photos is easy with DropSpace, you don’t need any photo editing skills or any software to install. Everything is done automatically with a click in a few seconds.

You can do this for any photo or even for your product’s photos if you sell on eBay, Amazon, Etsy or even Shopify.

How do we add the white background to our image?

Easy, to add a white background we first need to remove the current background. Let’s start.

Step 1

Let’s upload the image into the DropSpace dashboard and remove the background. If you don’t have an account sign up, it’s free and you get to use it for 40 images.

Once the image is uploaded click the remove background.

Step 2

The app removes the background of the image with the help of AI automatically.

Once the background is removed you just click the download button and select the JPG option and it will automatically add a pure white background.

Click the download button and save it to your computer. Your image now has a white background.

Step 3 (Optionally)

You can play with the settings of our smart download button and change the size of your image and/or optimize the image.

Video Tutorial

Watch our video below for how to do this and more.



As you can see adding a white background to a photo with DropSpace can be done automatically and quickly. If you have multiple images with our batch processing option you can remove and add the white backgrounds in bulk.

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