14 Ways Product Photos Affect Your Online Store In 2022

High-quality product photos drive engagement, conversion, retention, and total customer lifetime value. In-depth in this blog post we’ll go through the benefits of good product photography.

What exactly is product photography?

Product photography is photography intended for business use. The photographer captures the photographs in order to present the product in the best light possible so that it seems accurate how it appears to the naked eye and appeals to the consumer. Product photography may be used to support marketing campaigns, product pages, and even social media postings.

People use images to exchange information, learn about new ideas, and educate themselves on topics that they are interested in. Using images in business works in a similar way, allowing customers to gain a sense of your products without having to rely exclusively on text content. The idea is to utilize high-quality photographs that correspond to what your business sells so that visitors are interested in learning more.

Make up for the  “In-Store”  Experience

Even those who value the comfort of buying online want to learn as much as possible about products before making a purchase. You may use photos and descriptions to replace the capacity to feel, smell, taste, hear or perceive a tangible good. Great photos can fill in for lost senses, allowing buyers to appreciate what they’re buying even if they can’t touch it.

According to Bigcommerce.com, when exploring items, 78 percent of online shoppers prefer a visual experience. They are unlikely to explore further in the absence of a photo.

In the digital economy, the opportunity to touch and handle a thing before purchasing it is just not possible. You can’t smell the perfume, feel the silky-smooth fabric, or taste the exquisite sweetness of a delicious dish. As a buyer, all you have is the visual, and it must be crucial if you are the vendor to have cool product photos on your website.

People share photos

Visual material is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media than other types of content. Quality photos are essential if you want your product to go viral (for the correct reasons). Visual signals trigger emotional responses in people. According to the somatic marker concept, when a client sees an image of a product they want to buy, they don’t analyze all of the information before making a decision.

One of your top product photos from your website is likely to end up on social media, increasing your visibility and potential sales. People these days post photos to their accounts, consult friends and family for advice before making purchases, and share their shopping experiences with them.

Make sure your product photos appear professional if you want them to be shared.  Consider utilizing a professional camera and lights, but you can use your phone to show off your products. These days the phone manufacturers have added amazing cameras to their phones.

Using our background removal tool you can turn average photos into amazing ones with 1 click. You can batch remove and replace your background creating a stunning image.

Lengthy product descriptions are usually outperformed by images

Customers often find product descriptions tedious and unclear, and it can be difficult for companies to effectively express the overall advantages of their products. Good product photos will provide them a visual picture of your product and allow them to see it in action.

Good photos are storytellers

Simply by selecting a well-placed, properly designed image, you may conjure a feeling, a dream, or a vision. Visitors to your website will ‘read’ the photos and decide in a split second if the remainder of the material on your site is relevant to them.

When it comes down to it, you may bring a consumer to your product online, but unless it appears appealing and the image validates that they require your product or service in their lives, the client will stop the transaction or engaging with your brand in the last moment.

Although well-written, high-quality content can persuade, strategically placed visuals can go much further.

Do not ignore the importance of good product photography for your online store, as it is one of the most effective tools for selling your products and improving your brand via e-commerce platforms. People are visual creatures that interpret data according to what they perceive. Studies suggest that individuals recall 80% of what they see and 20% of what they read.

Photos are typically the first impressions a customer has of your product

With the growth of online shopping, many consumers no longer visit stores for the products they need. As a consequence, customers won’t be able to view your goods in person and will have to rely on the images you provide on your website and social media sites.

So, you must ensure that you have high-quality photos that showcase your product in its finest light. Consumers will not waste their time and efforts on a product that they do not like the appearance of, and if the first impression they get of your solution is a low-quality image, you may lose a lot of sales.

Your competitors are displaying their products in a professional way

Because the corporate market is so competitive, every organization that wants to flourish must provide consumers with better products than they can find elsewhere and product images are one of the tools online stores use for that. If you don’t have professional photos of your goods, customers will see your firm as unprofessional and will seek out one that does.

Product photos help lowering product refund rates

Because “products look different in reality than the photos,” 22% of products sold online are refunded.

Because the client can physically feel and touch the goods, persuading people to buy products offline is simpler than persuading them to buy products online.

By creating high-quality photos of your products that communicate the story you want to tell, you’re setting expectations for your customers about how they’ll be.

High-quality product photography also helps to alleviate any concerns customers may have about the products failing to fulfill their expectations. Customer expectations will be met if the photographs are of high quality and communicate the correct message.

Photos give us information, fast

Humans are visual creatures by nature. While there is some disagreement about how much faster our brains transfer visual information than text, there is no denying that it is faster—the old saying “a picture is worth 1,000 words” is undoubtedly true.

A single photo of a product can give more relevant information about the quality of the product than paragraphs of text. Why strain your back explaining a product’s dimensions, colors, form, and style when a single photo would be enough? Furthermore, photos offer a natural sense of size and allow buyers to become familiar with your product before purchasing.

Improve the look of your products

You and your branding services firm require “excellent” photos. What exactly does this mean? It means you’ll need high-resolution, color photographs, including close-ups and different viewpoints, to compensate for the viewer’s inability to touch the goods.

To encourage consumers to make a purchase, you must utilize high-quality photos with lighting that not only reveals accurate color but also makes the object appear as appealing as possible. You should think about photographing items in two different ways. Begin with a clean, basic backdrop (for example, a white background) that will not distract from the goods. Then, in addition to the product itself, position it in an ideal-use location to give a feeling of the lifestyle you’re promoting.

Make the most of your marketing efforts

E-commerce product photos that are high quality do more than only sell items and reflect your business. They can assist you in increasing your reach and attracting new people.

For starters, pictures can be reused across platforms, resulting in consistent messaging throughout your website, advertising, and social network profiles.

Product photos can help you rank higher in search engines

Optimizing your product photos for search engines is an excellent method to increase the number of people who are interested in your products. There are several methods:

  • Give your photo a name. Images with names like “imaged201.jpg” aren’t helpful to Google or users. When naming photographs, choose terms that clearly describe the image. Avoid creating excessively long file names and cramming them with keywords, since they might have a bd influence on your rating.
  • Images with alt text. Search engines have a difficult time understanding pictures; they rely heavily on file (image) names and alternative text. The alt text is used to explain photos to Google or other search engines so that they can be interpreted.
  • Image size and format. JPEG is the most often utilized file format for e-commerce businesses since it allows for high-quality photo previews while maintaining a modest file size. As already said, reduced image size can help to increase load speed. Significantly longer page load times might lower your rating and result in missed purchases.

Statistics on product photography

If the information presented earlier did not convince you yet, here are some numbers that back up the importance of cool product photos for your eCommerce business.

  • Visual learners account for 65% of the population. This indicates that visual information, such as photos, will have a greater effect on their thoughts than written words.
  •  Photo quality is the most essential aspect of an online purchase, according to 90% of online purchasers. Your business will suffer if you do not have product photos.
  • According to PR News research, online content with nice photos receive 94 percent more views than content without.
  • Product photography can boost your conversions by 30%.
  • A product photo is used by 75% of internet buyers to make a purchasing decision. This is a huge number of consumers who rely on product photos— imagine losing three-quarters of your customers if you don’t have good product photos.
  • Good product photos increase the likelihood that your social media accounts will be shared by 40%. Product photos not only increase your conversion rate but also increases brand visibility. According to HubSpot, the most common way of customer interaction is through visual content.
  • 70% of businesses spend money on content marketing, which may involve product photos. All of the big businesses are investing in content marketing, and you should as well.

Final thoughts

High-quality product photos are essential for online shops. In fact, it is so critical that it may be the difference between making a sale and losing a sale. Your site visitors will always be drawn to a photo before reading the content on the page, so make sure your photos look great.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend fortunes on it, you now have access to services to create awesome product photos with just a few clicks. Our AI image background removal and batch editor can turn your average photo into an amazing one with one click.

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